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Re: Dimorphic conlang?

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Sunday, April 3, 2005, 8:05
On Sun, 3 Apr 2005 00:23:33 -0500, Patrick Littell <puchitao@...>

>On Apr 2, 2005 1:30 PM, Joseph a.k.a Buck <zhosh@...> wrote: >> Have any of the conlangers here ever developed a language wherein a
>> species' physiological or social dimorphism was reflected in the
language in
>> other than a minor way (e.g. m/f manifesting as specifically male
pronouns &
>> female pronouns? >> > >Hmm, you mean like, say, sentient walruses or elephant seals labeling >everything (relatively) small as feminine and things that are >downright huge as masculine? Noun classes by weight: everything less >than 4,000 pounds is feminine by default. >
... [snip] Ha ha! _Very_ cool! I'll have to maybe try something along those lines when I work on my Elvish language (I'm thinking of giving my elves a eusocial ant/bee/termite-derived structure, btw, just to mess around with the pillars of Received Fantasy Stereotype!)! Geoff