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Re: Catastrophism and syllable structure

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Monday, December 28, 1998, 8:16
charles wrote:
> So, what if The Flood were that event? > Gilgamesh, Genesis ...
Unlikely, IMHO, since cultures all over the world, including the Americas, have flood stories. Either there really was a Great Flood, or there's something deep in the human psyche that keeps re-inventing such stories.
> But this neat paradigm became disarranged as > PIE and Uralic etc wandered off in search of, > literally, better pastures. (They herded goats > and cats, if you must know.) > > The richest land on Earth surrounded the > Black Lake, 400 feet below sea level, an oasis > ("Eden"??) emerging from the Ice Age. > > If cats teach anything, it is laziness. Soon, > agriculture was invented so that nobody had to > leave the warm basin. However, there were snakes. > > The rest is all so obvious.
Hmm, okay. :-)