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Catastrophism and syllable structure

From:charles <catty@...>
Date:Monday, December 28, 1998, 4:21
Padraic Brown wrote:

> > > * There was a cataclysmic flood into the Black Sea > > > circa 5600 BC, causing dispersion of Proto-Indo-European.
> It does make for a neat and tidy theory, though; apparently explains how > the Anatolians got to Turkey; and gives a pretty damn good reason for the > IE speakers to pick up and get as far away as they could!
So, what if The Flood were that event? Gilgamesh, Genesis ... If the resemblance between Semitic and IE pronouns is also based on reality, then even the crackpot theory of Nostratic gains some plausibility. What about the other languages of the Caucasus, particularly the consonant-heavy ones? ... don't even bother reading further ... Well, in Proto-World, you see, all the words were neatly ordered for dictionaries (that had not yet become necessary); the consonants formed roots in a perfect tree-structure: z = "animal" zm = "mammal" zmg = "goat" zmc = "cat" zmcp = "pussycat" But this neat paradigm became disarranged as PIE and Uralic etc wandered off in search of, literally, better pastures. (They herded goats and cats, if you must know.) The richest land on Earth surrounded the Black Lake, 400 feet below sea level, an oasis ("Eden"??) emerging from the Ice Age. If cats teach anything, it is laziness. Soon, agriculture was invented so that nobody had to leave the warm basin. However, there were snakes. The rest is all so obvious.