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Re: OT: [Let_It_Be_Forever_Islam] THE WORLD OF THE JINN

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 15, 2003, 18:21
> > As a Gay white male Pagan living in the USA > >Okay, so "Gay" and "Pagan" get capitalized, but "white" and "male" don't? >Is this the current generally-accepted politically correct usage? >I'm just trying to keep up, here. :)
You mean like "Black" vs "black" or "Catholic" vs "catholic"? Depends. Attribute it to my way of usage of written English, if you wish, but I'm not alone in capitolizing "Gay" and "Pagan". :) _________________________________________________________________ Fretting that your Hotmail account may expire because you forgot to sign in enough? Get Hotmail Extra Storage today!