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Re: CONCULTURE: First thoughts on Ayeri calendar system

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 11:16
If you're positing a planet with more than one moon and don't want tidal
effects to be disastrous, the main criterion is mass,
bearing in mind Newton's gravitation equation. All the examples we have of
multiple, high-mass moon systems revolve around
vastly more massive gas giants where your damgerously-high-tide effects
don't matter. Mars has two moons but they're both tiny
and would have a negligible effect on any Martian ur-water/life.
You may also want to consider the fact that on a planet with a massive
multi-moon system (because of the effects you describe)
landbased life may simply not have been able to evolve in the first place -
I don't know, I'm an astronomer rather than a biologist!
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> On Monday 15 November 2004 08:53, Roger Mills wrote: > [lots of interesting stuff on moons & planets] > > Well, make that "18 to 70" for Carsten/me, respectively...:-) Neither of > > us, alas, seems to be near a university. It appears we could both profit > > from some good help and advice-- if either of you gentlemen are so > > inclined. Do you know of anything useful (intelligent-amateur level)
> > on-line? > > > > Since this is basically Off-Topic, best if we discuss privately. > > > Not too off-topic! I've been following the discussion, since I'd like to
> 4 moons for Terjemar. But beyond some basic calculations, I haven't > progressed very far in determining size, distance, orbits, tides, etc. > > -S > -- > Sylvia Sotomayor > > > > Kélen language info can be found at: > > > This post may contain the following: > á (a-acute) é (e-acute) í (i-acute) > ó (o-acute) ú (u-acute) ñ (n-tilde) > > áe ñarra anmárienne cí áe reharra anmárienne lá;


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