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Re: CHAT: Orange

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, June 14, 2002, 10:49
> This sounds a lot like my friend Bill. > Bill's father is an ophthalmologist and neurophysiologist, so he would >give his children regular, thorough eye exams. > One day, when Bill was young, Bill asked his father why fluorescent >lights have a bright halo around them, and incandescent lights don't. This >intrigued his father, who ran some perception tests. Apparently, Bill's >perceptual range is longer than average, and extends a bit into UV. That >is >the halo he sees around fluorescent lights. He also loves blacklights, but >he complains about them being too bright, and they give him a headache. > When I inquired about this, he said "the other color" is like a very >pale >violet with a lot of white in it.
I've always thought blacklights hurt my eyes (i cant stand to look towards them for very long...they feel bright to me, yet aren't). Of course that might not be too odd :). One thing i find weird is that when i look at rainbows, towards the violet end of it, i can see more violet than I think should be there, like several shades more than there should be. Hmmmm... Of course maybe i'm just seeing things :). __________________________ Communication is not just words, communication is...architecture because of course it is quite obvious that the house that would be built without that desire, that desire to communicate, would not look as your house does today.


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