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Re: Weekly Vocab 26

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Monday, October 13, 2003, 1:48
2791-2802 orpe

Christopher Wright wrote:

>1. inspiration
>Whither the inspiration?
Agufud kudu? inspiration where-DAT (This is just as incomplete in Rhean as it is in English)
>2. heaven
>If I go up to the heavens, it is absent.
Upenat yuram ba, yekis'. heaven-DAT go-1SG COND , be-absent-3SG
>3. pit
>If I descend into a pit, it is not there.
I dülu citaz'am ba, mu anc'e. into pit-DAT descend-1SG COND , NEG exist:3SG
>4. wing
>If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the
sea... Ot kotar grilem waiz'am ba, ot samuda wastam dombim ba... on dawn-GEN wings-INST rise-1SG COND , on sea-GEN opposite-INST settle-1SG COND
>5. to guide
>even there I search for my muse to guide me.
edom bile yan murz'dirna mlantus* amiam. there-INST even me:ACC lead-3SG:FUT-REL "muse"*(-ACC) search-1SG *general term; no such thing like a "muse"
>6. nothing
>I find nothing in its place.
Era üsom mukuin bulmam. that-GEN place-INST nothing-ACC find-1SG
>7. creativity
>My creativity fails me, and my inventiveness does not last.
Yai hayalyok ofkepe, ki sazdvakriba mu hotra. my creativity fail-3SG , and inventiveness NEG last-3SG
>8. miserable
>I am become a miserable creature to behold, without originality, without
thought. Ver miraku bok'ec' fkugrat neliv c'em, bez zetrabar, bez karjor. to see-INF-DAT miserable creature-DAT become-PP be:3SG , without originality-GEN , without thought-GEN
>9. to succeed
>I determine to succeed alone, without my muse's control.
Adnec'ie udajak plök'im, bez mlantusa jitriyoka. alone succeed-INF intend-1SG , without muse*-GEN control-GEN
>10. beside
>Achieving all I reach for alone, I see she has been beside me the whole
time. Nuit adnec'ie tagvim cemuie narudidve du zde polz yar yak'em c'e mirim. which-DAT alone reach-1SG all-ADV achieve-GER THAT through all(-ACC) beside me:INST be:3SG see-1SG M