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Re: Weekly Vocab 26

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Sunday, October 19, 2003, 17:48
Christian Thalmann scripsit:

> > 1. inspiration > > Whither the inspiration? > > Due en impfiraedsone? > [dy@ en impfirE'dzo:n] > > Note: I took the liberty to replace "whither" with "whence", > which appears to make more sense here.
Fair enough, but "Whither the inspiration?" makes clear sense too, viz. "Where does the inspiration come from?" The speaker then looks for it in several places and finds nothing (sentences 2-6) and concludes that his creativity and originality are gone (sentences 7-8).
> > 8. miserable > > I am become a miserable creature to behold, without originality, without > > thought. > > Hau crede mioser a creodura ei ougul, sin oringaeldade, > [ho gre:d 'mi@z@r @ grE'du:r ej owg@l sin AriNgEl'da:d]
Sir Nathaniel: [S]ir, I assure ye, it was a buck of the first head. Holofernes: Sir Nathaniel, _haud credo_. Dull: 'Twas not a haud credo [old grey doe], it was a pricket. --"Love's Labor's Lost", IV:ii -- "Kill Gorgûn! Kill orc-folk! John Cowan No other words please Wild Men. Drive away bad air and darkness with bright iron!" --Ghân-buri-Ghân