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Re: OT: Merry Christmas!

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Monday, December 27, 2004, 8:56
Joe wrote:

> # 1 wrote: > >> Tristan McLeay wrote: >> >>> Well, I don't even own a jacket and doubt I'd need one unless I found >>> myself waking up on the other side of the world (but I have a higher >>> tolerance for colder weather than most around here, and didn't wear a >>> jumper for most of the winter (except when it was raining heavily, I >>> had a >>> nice warm woolly jumper that kept the rain out)) >> >> >> >> I think that none of you have ever known a real winter :P >> >> By winter I don't mean "ho the rain is cold!" or "the wind makes me >> need a >> little jacket" >> >> Ho no! that's not a winter that's a cold summer night here >> >> A winter, here, it's less that -20°C during 2 weeks 4 or 5 times, less >> than >> -15°C during 5 weeks in lines 2 times and less than -10°C during 3 or 4 >> months and less than 5°C during 5 months > > > > I think Andreas lives in Sweden. I think those are the kind of > conditions you get there (or it is in Norway, at least). > > But where do you live? You're French, but those don't sound like French > conditions. > >
*slaps forehead* Ah...Quebecois, right?