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Re: Sorting out those phonetics.

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Saturday, May 27, 2000, 0:52
Eric Christopherson wrote:
> > At 09:16 PM 5/20/2000, Kristian wrote: > > >Can we agree that it's somewhere in the vicinity of > > >[@u] and leave the fine-tuning open-ended for now? > > > >Dunno... I'm not the expert on Aussie dialects. I only know (or > >think I know) what I have heard in Queensland. Though [@u] sounds > >like something from Canada, not Australian: 'How [@b@ut] sailing > >a [b@ut]...' > > Actually I think <boat> would be [bout] in Canada; [@b@ut] is right for > <about>, though.
I find I pronounce <about> closer to [6bEut], [6] being a turned a and [E] being an epsilon. I'm in Toronto. Also, in fast speech <boat> closer to just [bot], but I do say [bout] in slower speech.