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Re: Locative constructions in a:seka`eni (long)

From:Dana Nutter <sasxsek@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 9, 2006, 19:00
li [Larry Sulky] mi tulis la

> Interesting and useful, James. Others will have intelligent things to > add but I have two tiny remarks: Why no "to the side of" or "to the > left/right", given that "above", "below", "in front of", and "in back > of" are all represented? And are temporals to be modeled as locatives > in this scheme? --larry
I've created a fairly open scheme in Sasxsek. There are a few base prepositions for location ... tu = at; located at (position) fu = to; toward (motion toward) mu = from; away from (motion away from) su = via; through; by means of ju = of; belonging to (genitive) but the bulk are derived from roots with the -U suffix ... hin = interior hinu = inside (of) sot = exterior sotu = outside (of) mah = orbit mahu = around; encircling bliz = proximity; closeness blizu = by; near niz = down; low nizu = at the bottom of temat = theme; subject tematu = about; regarding; concerning hav = have; possess havu = in possession of then compounds can be created to refine the meanings if needed ... fuhinu = into muhinu = from the inside of tuhinu = in; inside; at the interior of futu = until; up to (like German "bis") There are many more, and I've found this compounding method to be very powerful so far because the only real limits are the semantics of the individual roots.