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Tunu not dead

From:Taka Tunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, October 1, 2005, 19:34
Rémi Villatel wrote:

Taka Tunu wrote:
> The Tunu language is back at > I lost the old lexicon so I made up a new one with excel. It's CVCV with a, e, > i, o, u, p, k, t, m, n, x, r. Instead of parts of speech there are 4 deictics > referring to the topic, the previous word and phrase and the next phrase--but > it looks the same.
Kiki ya mite we Tunu. Xaki wo Tunu ya kanu. Tunu ya xaki we nuxo texa xuka wo xaro rari.
"I hate Tunu. Tunu's sound is ugly. Tunu sounds like fake insular languages." For the last one I'd rather say: Tunu ya rati yo xeke we yo wo xuka yo texa wa wo xaro rari. "Tunu it has_sound that is_like the which of language that is_real indeed of land sea." Actually I pronounce "x" as a "h" so it's even more true. <<< Ye tepa wa kamo tara xuka wo Tunu ya xuri we poto wo kiki.
"It is real that the grammar of Tunu breaks my head." Personally I'd say: Ye tepa wa kamo tara xuka wo Tunu ya pai nami kawaxe we kiki. "It's real that Tunu grammar is mind-boggling for me." tai nami we = to understand pai nami we = to mean (to someone) pai nami kawaxe we = to have a confusing meaning (for someone) Or something like that. <<< I used some tricky patches to get around some missing words in your lexicon. The grammar is... well... I don't know. I took notes in order not to forget what I tried to say and the interlinears look obvious and self-explanatory.
I've learned a natlang that has next to no dedicated grammar tags at all so I made simpler conlangs too but then, when it came to strict parsing I got there. It's a personal language: Des goûts et des couleurs... If everyone ended up with the same grammar,conlangs would s*ck. <<< Your task is to (try to) translate back in English and to explain what I got wrong.
I am very surprised that you took the time to peruse my poor lexicon to write this all and I am fairly impressed with your ability to learn a language that fast indeed. Nothing's wrong really. Except that: (i) "real" (texa) is subordinated to "language" (xuka) so the former should follow the latter with "yo": xuka yo texa wa = language that is-real indeed. "yo" is like "yang" in Indonesian and "wa" is like "itu" in, well, Indonesian as well (it ends the clause). (ii) you skipped all the verbal voices. For instance the transitive verb "to break" is "kai xuri". But verbal voices are optional so that does not count, I guess. <<< kiki ya xuka we mani poxe wi pawame yu nopo we noko, ;-)
"I will speak joy of hunt to you." I'd rather say: Kiki ya tai xuka nopo we noko wi pawame yu pexe we mani we kai poxe. "I will speak to you about enjoying hunting." µ.


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