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Re: OT: Doubting Thomas: was "Introducing Myself"

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, February 17, 2005, 13:49

Sally Caves <scaves@...> writes:
>.. > So is this science fiction?
:-))) I'll simply wait to see what information I can gather in the future and then eventually decide. It's a very interesting and very special story so staying tuned is good.
>... > I'm taking a break from the grind, here. This kind of doubt reminds me of > an interesting dispute I had with a friend of mine about last fall. The > conversation got around to "strange" accidents, ... > ... > Pirahas and their equally strange development, which may be due just as much > to chance and environment. We don't need science fiction to find this world > strange enough.
That's a good insight! Doubt increases if the story becomes less believable, i.e., if the story more and more contradict what you have encountered so far. Quite natural. :-) The more unbelievable the story, the more people/papers/input I need to be convinced. And every piece of information will get a weight assigned by my intuitive selection of trustfulness. :-) Even my sensory units may cheat me, of course, although they usually get a high weight of trustfullness. Just for the record: I did not say it is a hoax (or at least did not intend to...). It's just that the Pirahã story is quite unbelievable, special and contradicts quite a few things encountered so far. So I'll just keep my doubts for a while. There are a lot of urban legends out there. Sources on the internet usually get assigned a low weight... This list is exceptional, of course! :-) **Henrik


Sally Caves <scaves@...>