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Re: OT: Doubting Thomas: was "Introducing Myself"

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, February 17, 2005, 14:01

Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...> writes:
>... > But I can see why people would doubt the > Piraha story, and stories about people like Gage/Israfil/etc. The difference > is that Phineas left his skull, and Ahad's been all over television and is > still alive (they've fixed up his head though). I'm not sure how many > different accounts there are to corroborate the weirdness of the Piraha mind > (there's that one really good PDF, which I can't find anywhere anymore -- > all links are broken). Also haven't heard of anyone who reported the > opposite: that the Piraha *are* able to count and understand abstractions, > remote history etc.
Well, have you ever heard anyone report that, say, the Greenlanders *are* able to count? Would you ever have doubted that, so you needed to be told? If I were to tell you someone could not count, I'd choose someone who could not prove the opposite immediately. The Pirahã seem to be well chosen. :-) **Henrik