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Re: OT: YAHOO (was Re: AW: Hello!)

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Saturday, April 26, 2003, 22:52
>True. It didn't begin like that though (I happen to know a former colleague >of the guys who invented Yahoo. He work in my laboratory). >But the first creators sold it, and it became what we now know :(( .
Drat. Shazbot. veqlar puqmey vilargh! Along with gobbling up eGroups, and then suppressing any lists with whose philosophy they disagreed.
>Others simply contact other members, like a few did with me ;))) .
Or me.
>Only the listowner can do that, but this archive doesn't have a listowner >anymore, and Yahoo won't listen to anyone (the same problem exists with >Romanceconlang), and refuses even to erase this group. As long as they have >this attitude, the problem will stay the same.
This is very regrettable. _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8 with e-mail virus protection service: 2 months FREE*