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Re: A short passage.

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 16, 2005, 16:51
On Tuesday 15 March 2005 20:02 +0100, B. Garcia wrote:

 > Yeah, I had to add a lot more words to the lexicon (some
 > weren't in there that were obvious, like "danger".
 > Translation exercises are great for helping pump up a
 > bare lexicon :)

That's why I'm currently trying to translate everything that
seems suitable that isn't out of the way quick enough.

 > Very nice, it has a sort of "Indonesian" feel to it for
 > me.

This is intention.

 > Hey, that's a great idea, I like that. I'm a big fan of
 > words in conlangs that cover a general idea (rather than
 > being specific)

It's just looking if a similar word already exists in your
lexicon that fits to the meaning of the new word. You can
do some derivational work or just expand the lexicon entry.
I've got some more of these words due to currently trying
to translate the Weekly Vocabs. Just look into a dictionary
-- words often have more than one meaning in the other

 > Nice work arounds!

Thank you! These things gave me some headache and I hope my
solutions are sensible!

 > I don't want to turn around and go back there, do you?
 > I'm thinking of something I don't know, that I need to.

I think I can translate that, too.

 > I should do the first verse from that song:
 > "The king of the jailhouse, and the queen of the road
 > think sharing the burden will lighten the load
 > so they pack up their troubles in an old cadillac
 > that's her in the mirror asleep in the back"

Well, for example how to explain "old cadillac" when your
conculture is pre-industrial?

 > Inu payangyara unamey ati tal amariey ka sey, payangyara
 > kria? Yanaysatra sonataya atan inu jumoey ati atan
 > matawsara jumoey ati.

Ayhan still looks more Indonesian than Ayeri. Heh, they're
both starting with <Ay>.


Edatamanon le matahanarà benenoea ena 15-A7-58-12-2-5-49 ena
Curan Tertanyan.