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Re: A short passage.

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 15, 2005, 16:06
On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:46:36 -0800, B. Garcia <madyaas@...> wrote:

>I'd sent this early this morning but it didn't seem to make it to the >list for some reason (I checked the archives). So, here it is again. > >[snip]
Nice little text. I decided to translate it into Thalassan (in its current state). Here it is: Santun qanthui nihthuiva s'atas ris'tun kulphathuiva halti. Murthis t'uskairan saht'athui halthin. Itha lak'us vihulanthat lithatt'a visari hani pait'athupi vat'ni hani varithupi murthui kisn'us'at. Interlinear: san.t.un qan.thu.i s' ris'.t.un hal.ti | mur.thi.s t'us.kaira.n saht'a.thu.i hal.thin | itha lak'u.s vihula.ntha.t litha.t.t'a visar.i han.i pait'a.thu.pi vat'n.i han.i vari.thu.pi mur.thu.i kis.n'u.s'at kill.inf.dat harm.inf.dat.OR steal.inf.dat.OR do-not.IMP2pl | die.abs.gen bad.time.acc acquire.inf.dat do-not.2pl | this law.gen river.dat inside.dat drown.inf.BY water.dat inside.dat boil.inf.BY die.inf.dat condemn.mid.3pl Notes: 1. For the infinitive, I'm vacillating between -ma (as in many Uralic languages) and -thu (corresponding to the Sanskrit infinitive -tum, from the supine accusative). I'll probably end up using both for different things -- I think that would be a nice touch. 2. Every word is stressed on its initial syllable. 3. The word _t'uskaira_ is a compound consisting of _t'us-_ 'bad' and the word _kaira_, roughly translatable to 'times, season, state of affairs' (borrowed from (substrate) Greek). So the word is more akin to 'misfortune' than 'danger'. 4. The ending -va is an enclitic meaning 'or'. 5. An apostrophe after a stop indicates glottalization, while after a non- stop it indicates palatalization. 6. For some reason, I've found the 2pl endings (both imperative and indicative) difficult to do. They'll most likely be different from their forms above (-ti and -thin, respectively). That's a wrap. - Rob