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Re: Inchoactive in Jpn? (was: "Anticipatory" Tense)

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 22:44
Matt (MES) wrote:

>Anyhow, I found your example da3zi4 as "to type" most >interesting. From my Japanese knowledge, I believe >da3 would be the same character as =de= of =deguchi= >(exit) and zi4 would be the same character as =ji= of >=kanji= ?? If so, I wonder why "to type" in JPN is >=nyuuryoku= where =nyuu= comes from =iriguchi= >(entrance) and =ryoku= from =chikara= (power). Anyone >have any thoughts..... Kou?
As Imperative pointed out, "da3" is the kanji "utsu", "hit/strike" ("de" of "deguchi" is read "chu1" in Mandarin. Yes, "zi4" is the "ji" of "kanji". As for typing in Japan, there's always good ol' "taipingu", but my teeny Langenscheidt's here offers "taipu(raitaa) o utsu", so there's your "utsu" parallel. I'd never heard "nyuuryoku" before today, and the "ryoku" kanji in the mix makes it far from intuitive, but Langenscheidt's translates "nyuuryoku" as "computer input", "data entry". This makes a modicum of sense. I don't offhand remember the word for "input" in Chinese, but I do think it has the character "ru4" (the Japanese "nyuu") in it somewhere. Still, "ryoku?". Hmm, will have to ponder that during the homeward commute. Kou