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Re: cases

From:Edward Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Thursday, March 4, 1999, 21:30

It's actually more common for cases to have multiple functions than for
every possible function to have a case of its own.

The Latin "ablative case" does mark motion away from things, but it also
is used as an instrumental, and can also set off an "absolute" -- that
is, a kind of micro-sentence within a sentence that is not tied to any
particular element of the containing sentence, and which consists of
nouns and participles in the ablative case.

It is also used for reference marks in comparisons (="than") and lots of
other miscellaneous duties.

It can also be used as the object for many prepositions, each of which
will give it its own spin (comitative, locative, etc.)

And that's just *one* of Latin's five cases.

Cases without multiple functions are very much the exception rather than
the rule.  So yours are fine. :)  To name them, pick a name which
expresses what you feel is the most distinctive thing about the case,
and use it.  Won't hurt nothin'.


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