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Re: The "If you call me insane again..." page, at long last!

From:Cian Ross <cian@...>
Date:Sunday, July 22, 2001, 18:44
>On Saturday 21 July 2001 12:49, Dan Seriff wrote: >> Some of you may remember several months ago, when several people >> translated the phrase "If you call me insane again, I'll eat your >> other eye."
This is just odd enough to be interesting to translate. :) In Veldan [v: is a long vowel, v` is a stress-accented short vowel]: Dais ano:ste me:n wa:lmesente:n are`si, sa i:sedim te:rim eli:m su:lim If PRES-name-2ND-SG-PT me-ACC-SG be-in-mind-torment-VA-ACC-SG again, then IMM-FUT-eat-1ST-SG-PT your-ACC-SG other-ACC-SG eye-ACC-SG PRES = present tense 2ND-SG-PT = second person singular, point-of-time aspect VA = verbal adjective ACC-SG = accusative singular IMM-FUT = immediate future tense 1ST-SG-PT = first person singular, point-of-time aspect Cian