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Re: Case

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, July 10, 1999, 15:56
> > >I'm just curious, but those of you who do use case in your language, how > >many do you have? Where does it go from being "cool" to just plain > >unworkable?
Teonaht eschewed cases for the longest time, relying on word order, with the articles inflecting for case. As that word order became more flexible, I introduced case into a large substrata of non-Teonaht words (Nenddeylyt borrowings). Nenddeylyt is a language I've never developed, but apparently it was heavily inflected. Traces remain in the special case endings for the N. borrowings (celnar, "snail" Nom.; celnarb, "snail" Acc/Dat.). SVO languages seem the ones most likely to lose their case endings and go the analytic route because you have a natural separator with the verb in the middle. But SOV and OSV languages would probably hang on to them when juxtapositions can be confusing. I find that some dialects of T. adopt the N. endings for use in regular T. words. But most of the time this is unnecessary when the article can do the job of indicating case. Sally ================================================ Tehwo tsema brondalaz obil hea nomai pendo. "Summer like a white sword hangs over the land." ================================================ Who unlocked the list, I wonder, while David was on vacation? :-)