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Re: Case

From:nicole <now-im-nothing@...>
Date:Monday, July 12, 1999, 20:43
From Http://Members.Aol.Com/Lassailly/Tunuframe.Html wrote:
>=20 > Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 12/07/99 03:26:39 , Nicole a =E9crit : >=20 > > >OK, to respond to my own post, I may have come up with a solution to=
> > >problem, tell me if this sounds normal/possible. (The problem was,=
> > >I liked have all those cases, but it just got to be a pain). Would=
> > >sound possible for a language with a very extensive case system to =
> > >some but not all cases change into adpositions, which required a ca=
> > >all their own? Say, for instance, all my local cases were to detac=
> > >from the noun and become postpositions (of course, in this case, my > > >prepositional case would be postpositional...but anyway), and when =
> > >noun was used with a postposition it required a postpositional case=
> > >which had zero ending? >=20 > well, i'm not as quick as Henry and Jennifer > so i didn't understand this yet. > any example ? let's say your language is a rare conlang > so it's not an ergative one. > NOM, ACC =3D nominative, accusative cases > ONTO =3D ontosubstatillocative case > POST =3D postpositional case >=20 > (i)(a) is it like : > NOM-i put ACC-glass ONTO-table > NOM-i put ACC-glass POST-table onto >=20 > where do you put the adjective to "table" ? >=20 > (i)(b) or is it like : > i-NOM put glass-ACC table-ONTO > i-NOM put glass-ACC table-POST onto >=20 > but then if POST is -0 i can't see the difference > except if you put the adjective somewhere > after "table".
It's most like that, here I'll show you: Jen=E9sz s=E1j=E1s=E1n d=E9v=E9zs=E1d=E9lin cek=E1v=E1l=E1. i-NOM glass-ACC table-ONTO put. The "ONTO" case is made up of two parts: in + =E1d=E9l. =E1d=E9l is the local/essive case and is incorporated into all locative cases. in shows which local case this incorporation represents, in this case it means "onto" (superlative case in this language). Would it make sense for this to change to: Jen=E9sz s=E1j=E1s=E1n d=E9v=E9zs in cek=E1v=E1l=E1. i-NOM glass-ACC table-POST ONTO put. Nicole
>=20 > ------------------------------------------------ ;-) line > (ii) or is it englishish like : > i put glass onto table =3D i put glass table onto >=20 > (iii) or is it germanisch? like : > NOM-i put ACC-glass onto ACC?/DAT?-table > NOM-i put ACC-glass (onto) ACC?/DAT?-table onto >=20 > (iv) or frenchish like : > jm=E9lv=E8rsurlatab'ok=E9 ? >=20 > (v) or SE-asian like : > me put glass top table >=20 > (vi) or dutch like : > i put er-daar glass on table er-on daar. >=20 > mathias
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