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Re: Which auxlangs? (was Re: I won't start a flame war)

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Thursday, November 11, 1999, 8:44
Raymond Brown wrote:

> >It is gradually developing into an annoying argument about > >which auxlang should be left out. > > Why should this be annoying, if tackled objectively?
Why should mine be thrown out now? It was submitted while you were off-list. Of course I would be annoyed if my favorite were now eliminated while other auxlangs remain included. There is nothing "objective" about it.
> <Yawn> Am I back on auxlang?
Don't pretend to boredom while goring my ox.
> >Esperanto is now a major competitor among auxlangs.
> >I'd rather not see it advertised above the others. > > Oh, I thought the only thing the T-shirt was intended to advertize was > _constructed languages_.
Then leave Esperanto off too.
> Don's proposal about the _representative_ sample of auxlang seemed to me > objectively sensible & well reasoned. I go along with it.
Oh, is it up for a vote then? I will start nominating others to leave off, and we can justify and bicker over each one.
> But as I don't want to promote a flame war,
You've done a good job of it already.
> PS - Hey, how about a dedicated auxlang T-Shirt? > Bet it would be like the one Deianeira gave Herakles :-D
More apropos would be Joseph's coat of many colors.