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Re: Programming Work -- XML dictionary app

From:James W. <emindahken@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 27, 2005, 12:51
On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:56:43 -0400, "Aaron Morse" <artlangs@...>
> Having just finished developing PHPDictionary 3.0 -- > -- I was thinking > about > how to ease dictionary-creation for people who do not have or want to get > hosting with PHP and MySQL support. (There are free hosts that have > those, > but some people would prefer sticking to Geocities-style free hosts, or > paid > hosts that don't have it). > > The solution, I decided, would have something to do with XML and XSL. I > thought I'd outline my prototype application here and see if anyone has > suggestions. > > The application would be programmed in the Python language, thus enabling > it > to run easily on many different operating systems (because the Python > interpreter is available for almost every OS available). A Windows .exe > binary file would be compiled so that windows users who don't want to get > or > don't have python (many Linux systems come with it installed) can run it > easily. > > The program would run in the console and have (in version 1.0 at least, > I'd > add more in later versions) 2 options: > > 1.) Add Word. This option allows you to add a word to a base file that > contains just the word definitions. You would insert the conlang word, > the > english/whatever translation, the root, and the word type. The program > would > then re-generate the actual XML files that will be styled using XSL > stylesheets. The 4 different pairs of XML and XSL would order the > dictionary > by English word, Conlang word, Root, and Type. > > 2.) Regenerate Dictionary. This option would regenerate the XML files > from > the base file, which allows you to edit and delete words. > > To edit and delete words you would open up the base word file and find > the > entry, and then edit or delete it. You would then regenerate the XML, > upload > the files to your server, and voila! all is done. Later versions would > automate editing and deleting, but it would be easy enough through the > XML. > > Any thoughts/questions?
Sounds interesting. I assume the user would have access to the XSL stylesheets file also, for personalization? What would the output format be for this? (I'm not up-to-date on XML, XSL, etc.) James W.