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Programming Work -- XML dictionary app

From:Aaron Morse <artlangs@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 20:56
Having just finished developing PHPDictionary 3.0 -- -- I was thinking about 
how to ease dictionary-creation for people who do not have or want to get 
hosting with PHP and MySQL support. (There are free hosts that have those, 
but some people would prefer sticking to Geocities-style free hosts, or paid 
hosts that don't have it).

The solution, I decided, would have something to do with XML and XSL. I 
thought I'd outline my prototype application here and see if anyone has 

The application would be programmed in the Python language, thus enabling it 
to run easily on many different operating systems (because the Python 
interpreter is available for almost every OS available). A Windows .exe 
binary file would be compiled so that windows users who don't want to get or 
don't have python (many Linux systems come with it installed) can run it 

The program would run in the console and have (in version 1.0 at least, I'd 
add more in later versions) 2 options:

1.) Add Word. This option allows you to add a word to a base file that 
contains just the word definitions. You would insert the conlang word, the 
english/whatever translation, the root, and the word type. The program would 
then re-generate the actual XML files that will be styled using XSL 
stylesheets. The 4 different pairs of XML and XSL would order the dictionary 
by English word, Conlang word, Root, and Type.

2.) Regenerate Dictionary. This option would regenerate the XML files from 
the base file, which allows you to edit and delete words.

To edit and delete words you would open up the base word file and find the 
entry, and then edit or delete it. You would then regenerate the XML, upload 
the files to your server, and voila! all is done. Later versions would 
automate editing and deleting, but it would be easy enough through the XML.

Any thoughts/questions?


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