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Re: Spanish rudeness (and a pun) (was: RE: ...y'know)

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Friday, July 2, 1999, 2:59
Pablo wrote:

> As for slang, maybe Carlos can tell me if a thing I hear here is also > found in Colombia... the use of <re-> as augmentative. In formal words, > as you know, <re-> means repetition, as in French and English (via
> But in colloquial speech here it means "a lot", "very". It can also > become <requete-> or <recontra->! For example: > > Estoy re-cansado. "I'm very tired." > Se re-mat=F3. *"He utterly got killed=
> Se mat=F3 re-est=FApidamente. "He got killed very stupidly." > Es un re-tarado. "He's a very stupid
(one)." O, yes! Add {requete-} for a little more emphasis. -- Carlos Th