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More changes in Montreiano

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, December 18, 2000, 0:44

Here's possible changes for the words you listed (with the two new rules):

*salvare to save;  salvatione- as a learned/religious term might be
exempt.: For religious terms i'm thinking of doing only very minor
changes, but it would possibly become: salvare > sauvar > sauuar > sauual

*cálidu- ~ **caldo hot (Not sure if Sp. caldo 'broth, soup' is < this): A
book on the history of the Spanish language I had said that this is where
caldo does come from: calidu > caldo > caudo > cauo

*??? > Sp. selvaje, Fr. sauvage (Lat. silvaticu- "of the forest"?): if
from silvaticu: selvadgo > seuvaggo > seuuaggo (gg = /Z/ in front of o, u,
or a)

*gélidu-? frozen, It. gelido (ought to > **geld- somewhere): well, since
you should get geld somewhere, i think i'll take that into Montreiano:
gelidu > geldo > geudo > geuo (g before i/e = /Z/)

*multu- much, very: multu > muuto > muto

*sólidu- (coin) **soldo-: solidu > soldo > soudo > souo

Sp. golpear & derivs., Fr. coup:  following similarly to Spanish: golpear
> goupear
Sp. falta, Fr. faute : falta > fauta For Arab loans, would these have been taken fron classical arabic, or the spoken variety from Arabs in Morrocco? But, assuming that they start out similarly as in Spanish, they could be: Alcazar (if z was /dz/ in old spanish, it would have remained /ts/ in Montreano (maybe nottoo raliztic, but why not?)): alcazar > aucaçar > aucaçal
>since most Romance langs. treat -íliV in other ways. E.g. alliu- garlic, >It. aglio, Fr. aïl?, Sp. ajo (that may be irregular, but it would >certainly >be a necessary word--I once thought of printing up a Tshirt: "Everything >good begins with garlic"... well, maybe not desserts...!)
Could /lj/ remain as /lj/, instead of going the way Spanish did? I've read that only later did ll become /lj/ in Castilian, and that explains why it didnt go the way of the /lj/ in words like alliu. ____________________________ Aunque vengas de rodillas y me implores y me pidas aunque vengas y me llores que te absuelva y te perdone Aunque a mi me causes pena he tirado tus cadenas