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Re: CHAT: Trial of the century?

From:Hawksinger <hawksinger@...>
Date:Sunday, January 17, 1999, 3:09
John Fisher wrote:

> > Great! A conlang with tones! Off-hand, I can't think of any other that > has been mentioned here... Unless I'm wrong? >
Nova has tones but not in the conventional sense. It has 5 tone levels, /i/ is always high tone, /a/ is always low tone, /e/ is mid-high, /u/ is middle, /o/ is mid-low. In other words, the vowels have inherent tone as part of their phonemic description. -- Brad Coon My Conlang and Conculture pages Most of my pages including my home page My Outdoor and Primitive Skills Pages My wine pages. "Life without adventure is merely existance."--Hawksinger