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Re: A bit on Sturnan

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Friday, April 19, 2002, 9:48
Ah, you're talking about the alienable and the inalienable possession as
represented by the Polynesian languages with 'a' and 'o', as in the Maori
"taku, aku; toku, oku" - my, with differences in the use according to whether
or not the possessed object is regarded as alienable or inalienable.

Wesley Parish

On Friday 19 April 2002 01:34, you wrote:
> Jesse Stephen Bangs sekalge > <I would find this more enlightening if you would elucidate the > difference > between possessive and genitive in your conlang. Perhaps one of them is > also partitive? What defines the difference?> > > Possessive: I currently own a certain item. > Genitive: It belongs to me in a more tenuous manner. > > For instance, "you have Magian's own luck" would use the genitive form of > Magian (whoever that is). However, "Magian's luck never failed" would use > the possessive. Pretty much standard. Genitive is also used for > non-disposable income and for bills from the creditor's point of view > (before they are paid). Land ownership is denoted with the genitive > because Iker* owns the world, but oddly rentership (?) uses the > possessive. That's mainly to distinguish the two, but it used to be that > a token of rent was given to the renter, and the word was replaced by the > word for a piece of property. > * From ikerei, "to make". > > How I love the sound of my own...erm, the font of my own syntax. > > The rambling > Chris Wright
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