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Re: A bit on Sturnan

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Thursday, April 18, 2002, 13:31
Jesse Stephen Bangs sekalge
<I would find this more enlightening if you would elucidate the
between possessive and genitive in your conlang.  Perhaps one of them is
also partitive?  What defines the difference?>

Possessive: I currently own a certain item.
Genitive: It belongs to me in a more tenuous manner.

For instance, "you have Magian's own luck" would use the genitive form of
Magian (whoever that is). However, "Magian's luck never failed" would use
the possessive. Pretty much standard. Genitive is also used for
non-disposable income and for bills from the creditor's point of view
(before they are paid). Land ownership is denoted with the genitive
because Iker* owns the world, but oddly rentership (?) uses the
possessive. That's mainly to distinguish the two, but it used to be that
a token of rent was given to the renter, and the word was replaced by the
word for a piece of property.
* From ikerei, "to make".

How I love the sound of my own...erm, the font of my own syntax.

The rambling
Chris Wright


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