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Re: interesting english syntax

From:Yahya Abdal-Aziz <yahya@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 13:29
Hi all,

Roger Mills wrote:
...[much snipt]
> The last sentence is > > slightly different in meaning, with a "subjunctive" > > form of the verb. It means something like "when spring > > comes". > > Yes; it strikes me as idiomatic, "come + SEASON". We can't say, "Come > Henry, we'll start the meeting"... I don't recall if Germ./Du. have a > comparable construction, but would bet they do.
Is Roger's example grammatical in German: "Kommt Heinrich, werden wir die Begegnung beginnen"? (It sounds OK to me, but my last German class was very long ago.) Or is it grammatical in any other natlang? Regards, Yahya -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.344 / Virus Database: 267.11.6/111 - Release Date: 23/9/05