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Re: Relational language

From:Ben Haanstra <kof@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 0:51
>X-Describing a form in which objects are described (when identical/about >identical/not relevant order to be precise) uses mainform objects >descriptions, for example 4 pipes are ordered as a square, so every angle of >the triangle has a pipe.
oops horrible fault written here, I meant: Describing the pattern of relation by using a main object, like a square/triangle/circle. For example you have 4 pipes, those are related to each other as if you would place a square on the ground and each of those pipes is placed at an angle of the square.
>To be honest I wanted to add more possiblities then
diagonal/left/right/forward but
>directions between those. (a Sapir-whorf's thingy if I got it right).
Clearing this one up as well: For example you got north/south/west/east, then you have northwest/southwest/etc, but you also got north-northwest, south-southwest, etc. The latter part would give you the idea what I meant by creating more directions.