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Re: Relational language

From:Ben Haanstra <kof@...>
Date:Thursday, March 22, 2007, 21:08
Another update, made an example of the language as it is now:

>At the moment im making it more capable of compounding to keep the number
of roots very low.
>A sample sentence: >In the past I was indirectly made to read by an unknown person until I knew
the whole story. -ake okarasg nuguu de aslei do paguul. ake = a-pronoun k=I-form e-male I(male) okarasg = o-indirectxpast k-interactRoot a-act ofRelational r-event/occurenceDeriv. a-by/thru light/sight in a normal manner sg-passivecausative case x onesided event (simply: was made indirectly to see (in a case where seeing is only one way possible, with other words: reading) nuguu = n-NoneRoot u-objectRelational g-Completive uu-by big/long surface means + Inflectioned by previous word. simply: a book/long story (inflectioned by okarasg for seeing, it could also be a large surface/ to feel a large surface/object) de = instrumental/by (means of) aslei = a-pronoun s-certain person l-unknown/unbounded ei-undecided gender/object simply: a certain unknown/undecided person (making it asnei would mean "ALL certain unknown/undecided persons" asei makes it a certain person) do = until(a point/event/etc. receives its exact meaning from the context) paguul = p-ConnectionRoot a-ActofRelational g-completiveDerivational uu-by surface(to appoint to the object of surface in the sentence, saying it as in a normal action would make it 'connected') l-passive x no valence simply: knew it (connected to the surface-object).
>Complete sentence in this conlang:
I(male) was made indirectly to interact by means of light in a normal manner onesidely towards a surface by a certain unknown(and info about gender) person/machine until I completed my connection to the surface matter, which was in a normal way.
>Working at adjectives:
Liquid is at the moment: praummug (or pruimmugau its the same) pr from aiming root au makes it descriptive/propierty (ui makes it an abstract aspect) m for opposite of the root: making the word to bend (yes i choose for to bend as 'aiming offwards' isn't really the correct term in my eyes) making this part: 'bending'-descriptive as for the surface/object (as you can bend the surface of a liquid, you get the idea hopefully) (this is not as i'm bending as that would be: prar (r for describing a current/occurence status of a handling and a for the act of ~) m from creation root (new root) u to explain a matter/object g for the completive making this part: created object/matter together: object with bend'able' surface
>The list of roots got expanded a bit:
rootname - possible derivations Have/know - have/know/dont have/about the property it has Fill - to fill / to 'spray' smth like flowers / to shoot / help filling / let something out Dissonance - oppose/fight/war/romp/punish Extension - enlarge/expande/shrink Duplication - multiply/add up/divide/double Rising - lowering/falling/jumping/'flying' Aiming - to aim for something/to bend Hopefully i won't go over the 50 roots. At the moment it has about 35 "relational aspects" trying to keep it as low as possible (Before I had up to 80 & 88 respectively noun and verb ones...) and 33 derivations (which is hopefully rising). im still looking for more derivations as making the language short and more descriptive is kinda all about its derivations.