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From:Amanda Babcock <ababcock@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 20:44
In merechi (minus diacritics):

ki'lailpalap'a Ericli metudi.
/kilA'ilpAlApA 'ErIkli 'mEtudi/
FT-inceptive-be.married-IMP-1P.S  Eric-with  Friday-on*

*metu != Friday.  See  metu just
falls on Friday this week, or vice versa.

In Toma Heylm:

mar dolv uyagara, eff delye elot shiye Eriki, lir sem delye elyik
rhaym efim.
After three LOC-dawn, I FUT become-F wife Eric-GEN, and he FUT become-M
husband 1P.S.POSS

No conlang-written vows, sadly.

At any rate, it's an almost-going-nomail.  kiterap'fa Alaskadi tolic shoji
selityan (we're going to Alaska for ten days).  I won't actually go nomail
(the list volume is struggling to exist, near as I can see), not from this
list, anyway.  But I won't be catching up till the 24th, or after it.

lhi delye sa manrai leheya!



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