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Ear-grating ingrates

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Monday, January 19, 2004, 19:41
Joseph Fatula wrote:

>From: "Douglas Koller, Latin & French" <latinfrench@...> >Subject: Ear-grating ingrates (was: Re: The phrase 'I'd like...') > > > > >>Christophe écrit: >> >> >> >>>En réponse à Pablo David Flores >>> >>> >>> >>>>I have a question for Spanish-speakers (L1 and otherwise) >>>>about the subjunctive and the conditional: is it common to >>>>substitute one for the other? In my dialect it's become >>>>increasingly common to hear "si" + conditional instead of >>>>"si" + subjunctive. It really grates on my ears, especially >>>>when supposedly educated people profer such syntax. ;) >>>> >>>> > >My Spanish is L2 (or thereabouts), but I've never actually studied it, so I >don't know which forms are referred to by "conditional" and "subjunctive" in >Spanish. If I were to say something like "If I had a car...", I'd probably >do "Si tendria un carro...". > > > >
'tendría' is conditional.