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Re: CHAT: Coming out of the conlang closet

From:BP Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Monday, June 3, 2002, 11:38
At 12:59 2002-06-01 +0000, Andreas Johansson wrote:

>To each his own, but for me, I experienced quite enough rejection as a kid >that I'm perfectly willing to bend a little in order to be accepted. I don't >see it as "being someone I'm not" (how could I?), but as think of it as >thinking a bit about what aspects of myself I chose to display.
Me I usually have hard time balancing between "being someone I'm not" and gaining a bit more social acceptance. It's not so much about feeling shame about what I'm doing -- I don't do that any more -- as feeling sad about the fact that peolple I care about think I'm weird. I regularly get to hear from my significant other that my fertile imagination (AKA "fantasy world" on her bad days) is a "retention" from my troubled youth, i.e. essentially something I should go to a therapist to get rid of. At least I can point to Tolkien, who eventually achieved wealth and fame for his "fantasy world" -- and I'm intent on making mine come out significantly different from his! I have learnt not to hold forth about the kind of thing that interest me in "ordinary" company. Unfortunately that often means that I keep silent, since I'm awfully bad at both performing andenjoying smalltalk. Again it is not so much me as my family that are troubled by it. What really pisses me off is the insinuation that being lame *and* having weird interests *and* being bad at casual conversation is worse than not being lame and having those other traits... /BP 8^)> -- B.Philip Jonsson (delete X) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~__ A h-ammen ledin i phith! \ \ __ ____ ____ _____________ ____ __ __ __ / / \ \/___ \\__ \ /___ _____/\ \\__ \\ \ \ \\ \ / / / / / / / \ / /Melroch\ \_/ // / / // / / / / /___/ /_ / /\ \ / /Melarokko\_ // /__/ // /__/ / /_________//_/ \_\/ /Eowine __ / / \___/\_\\___/\_\ Gwaedhvenn Angeliniel\ \______/ /a/ /_h-adar Merthol naun ~~~~~~~~~Kuinondil~~~\________/~~\__/~~~Noolendur~~~~~~ || Lenda lenda pellalenda pellatellenda kuivie aiya! || "A coincidence, as we say in Middle-Earth" (JRR Tolkien)