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Re: What are the Sampa representations for various |r|s?

From:Jonathyn Bet'nct <jonrelay@...>
Date:Thursday, November 4, 2004, 4:26
On Wednesday, November 3, 2004, at 07:27  PM, Sally Caves wrote:

> The retroflex "r." What I, an American, say in pronouncing "American."
> The final retroflex "r." What I, an American, say in pronouncing > "car." Is > there much difference? I feel that there is a minute one, maybe not > enough > to count.
It's either the same, or ` on the end of the vowel. Not quite sure.
> The flapped "r." What a Latina might say in pronouncing her name > "Sara."
> The voiced velar fricative.
> The velar trill.
According to IPA a velar trill is impossible.
> The retroflex flap, a sound I think I invented, which a Teonivar would > say > when pronouncing "Erahenahil" [paradise]. I've given two detailed > descriptions of that sound in a thread called "Usage: rhotics, etc." > Is it > invented or not?
It's real: r`
> The alveolar flap (no retroflex), which is like the flapped Latin "r" > but > articulated at the palate or post alveolar. What a Teonivar would say > when > pronouncing "yry firrimby" ("me all grateful," or "thank you.")
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