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Re: Vocab #10a and b

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Thursday, February 20, 2003, 0:33
I just realized I had half a translation exercise still
lying around unfinished...  that would have been an
unfortunate waste, seeing how rare those "weekly" vocabs
are!  =P

--- In, Aidan Grey <grey@F...> wrote:

  > 6. grief
  >         She couldn't come to grips with her grief.


    Myzmae tabyse i jen roca.
    [myz'ma: ta'by:S i j@n 'ro:ha]
    put_on_a_leash:GND  NEG:can:PST:3i  OBJ  POS:3a  grief

    Note: "Put a leash on (an emotion)" is idiomatic for "come
          to grips with (an emotion)".


    Nau poessiva uenger suun luctun.
    [no pas,si:'vyNg@r sum'bluxt@n]
    not  can:PST:3s  best:INF  POS:3s:m:ACCs  grief:ACCs

  > 7. decrease
  >         The profits have not decreased for 2 years.


    Tash dunnuk cintoe roj con dajne.
    [taS dMn'nMk sin'to: rOj hOn dajn]
    not  descend:PST:3e  profit:d  through  two  cycle


    Lugra nau se miunivan per duo annis.
    ['lu:gr@ no s@ my'niv@n p@r du@ 'anni]
    profit:NOMp  not  RFL:ACCp  reduce:PST:3p  through
       two  year:OBLp

  > 8. annoy
  >         You couldn't annoy me if you tried.


    Xyxhae tabisre ow ajle levile e.
    [zy'za: ta,bisr'ow ajl l@'vi:l E]
    bother:GND  NEG:can:2  even  if  try:FUT:2  PER:3i:OBJ


    Nau poesses me irridare eja si gas id conare.
    [no 'pass@s mirri'da:r 'e:j@ si ,gazikkA'na:r]
    not  can:2s  me:ACC  bother  even  if  would:2s  it:ACC

  > 9. camera
  >         That is not a camera - it's a calculator.

    Tas tje u fendremo, moe kollecmo.
    [tas tjE M hEn'dre:mO mo: kOl'lECmO]
    not:3e  that  PRE  camera  be:3i  calculator

    Note:  |Fendremo| means "portrayer-thing", |kollecmo|
           "accountant-thing", where |kollec-| "to keep book,
           calculate" comes from |kor-| "to count; number..."
           and the very useful verb |lec-| "to play (* an
           instrument), operate, direct; drive; manage


    Nau ix a caemmer, ix u countadur.
    [no iS @'gEmm@r iS @ kun'ta:d@r]
    not  be:3s  a:f:NOMs  camera:NOMs  be:3s  a:m:NOMs

  > 10. boot
  >         She doesn't like boots.


    Ny bryl tanaqe.
    [ny bryl ta'na:N]
    CAT  boot  NEG:like:3i


    Nau mehe caelgas.
    [no me:C 'kElg@s]
    not  like:3s  boot:ACCp

  >         Don't boot him out!

I don't understand that sentence.

> > Vocab #10b > > > > topic: Up for grabs > > > > 1. her > > 2. poor > > 3. sexual > > 4. origin > > 5. wise > > 6. cut > > 7. active > > 8. among > > 9. service > > 10. his > > Need some sample sentences? How about this: > > His poor sexual services were, among others, the origins of her > wise decision to actively cut the relationship short. =)))
Obrenje: Sow kawre, mu funtee cintee yste ur tine u tetrae jen nagojda cuze i naw cajjam prikota i conajae. [sow 'kawr@ mO fMn'te: sin'te: 'ystMr ti:n M t#'tra: j@n na'gOjda hu:Z i naw haj'jam pri'ko:ta i hOna'ja:] among other be:PST:3e bad:d service sex of male:d PRE cause:d POS:3a decide:GND wise OBJ way act:PTC CES:have:GND OBJ pair_relationship:d Jovian: Ys xaver servidsun seoxaele era, inner audris, oringe sui degredi sabindis praehizeri conuegun. [y Sa:v@r sEr'vi:dz@ndE'Sajl 'e:,rinn@r 'awdrizA'riNg suze'gre:diza'bindi ,prEhi'ze:ri kA'ny:g@n] PER:3s:m:GEN poor_quality:n:NOMs service:NOMs sexual:n:NOMs be:PST:3s among other:n:OBLp origin:NOMs POS:3s:n:GENs decision:GENs wise:n:GENs cut_off:INF:OBLs relationship:ACCs Phew! That was tough! -- Christian Thalmann


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