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Re: Results of Poll by Email No. 22

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 11, 2003, 12:13
Peter Clark wrote:

> Christian Thalmann tried to throw a monkey wrench into the
> machinery of the beloved poll by including Swiss German as a
> since he wasn't sure whether to count it as a dialect of German (which he > also speaks) or not. This required careful thought on my part, but I came
> the conclusion that Swiss German cannot be considered a separate language > because, while it has an army, it does not have a navy.
It does. And it's also the language most guys speak on SF (the Swiss-German national broadcast). Some politicians use it also, mostly when they're dealing with affairs concerning the German speaking part of Switzerland- I happened to see some talk-shows (Arena, IIRC) where Schwytzerdüütsch politicians tried to speak as clear as possible in order to make Italian and French-speaking colleagues understand what they were saying. And believe me, an Appenzeller speaking High German sounds really funny... I love the grotesque sound of Schwytzerdüütsch;-) [IX "li@p ts "gnYs fn "ti:s6 "SprO:X] :-)
> Ergo, it's a dialect, not a language.
From a strictly linguistical perpective, it's on the boundary. I personally can understand some of it after 5 years of German in High School- notice I don't speak German so good. Luca


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