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Re: Bic-itude

From:Matt Trinsic <trinsic@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 10, 2003, 14:35
> Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 23:20:31 +1200 > From: Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...> > Subject: Re: Bic-itude > > I suppose <conculture explanation> the Lakhabrech would be unable to translate > the word "nubile" in relation to the feet - it is rather coarse, even for > them. And since most Lakhabrech feet are armed with sharp claws, all the > better to kick some hapless prey to death with, I'm afraid I can see their > point of view. I mean, nubile (marriageable) in respect to what? They would > see it as "f*ckable" and that would raise all sorts of obscene images in > their minds. Kherash-shio-Uan - a midwife's adopted daughter, and fostered > at the Earth Embassy - was _most_ _emphatic_ that that be not allowed to > occur. At least, not in _her_ hearing!</conculture explanation> > > The real reason, was that I didn't have any root/stem that I could cut and > paste to fit - some would turn out obscene and I would be stuck with them, > others just didn't fit. "nubile"? See above. "f*ckable"? From whose > perspective? Penetrating or engulfing? Or maybe I'm a bit more puritanical > than I think I am.
Ahh, and thats what makes tranlating, especially across concultures, so much fun. You never know what you are going to get ;) =) Those are some very painful feet the Lakhabrech have. Come to think of it, i'm not sure how I would translate that part myself. Nubile would probably be something along the lines of "f*ckable", but lacking the obscene connotations. The feet would be a problem though, as the Liefliez have no feet.
> > sha tai'ara ain faiferenti Caroline yhe iero itay an ya kei ayha Montana, > It is then and remembered C. her fire house that (is) in there M > > ya yhe iero lawao kei ayha. fayezhchanti maazhi an? ain eiyha an? > that the fire place there Killed it might she have? but not she? > > i'aya vhurunti vhuruya, ain fai'ete an yhe vhiatu nikhayao. > So she sighed sighing, and placed down the swamp swimmer. > > What a woman! And what _was_ she doing with that penguin? > > Thanks for the fun, anyway!
Your welcome! =)
> Wesley Parish