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"Knock it off" or "Leave off"

From:Scotto Hlad <scott.hlad@...>
Date:Monday, September 1, 2008, 4:29
OK here we go with my question. Before I give the question I’ll give the
background so that you can see what has spawned it.
One of my cats, Daria, (the only one not spayed because I’ve run out of money)
is in oestrus. If you never been around a cat in this condition consider
yourself lucky. She’s not loud like some cats can be but the noise is just
constant. One of my other cats, Pebbles, must have had enough because I have
caught her with her mouth clamped on to Daria’s throat, all the while holding
her with the front paws and then kicking the stuffing out of her with her rear
paws. Daria meanwhile is oblivious to the whole affair, just continuing on with
her gutteral sounds. At the moment, Daria is curled up on my desk beside the
monitor sleeping…
Anyway, I have found myslef just looking at her and saying, “Give it a rest…” or
“Knock it off…” or “Leave off.” It has me wondering what a Pilovese
person would say to the whole affair. Even in French, I’m not sure what one
would say beyond, “Arrêt” or “Assez” as neither of them can convey the
tone of being wearied or annoyed with the situation.
I’d like to know how to convey this message to my cant in your conlangs and your
L1, including regional type things.


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