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From:Tero Kukkonen <tkukkone@...>
Date:Monday, March 5, 2001, 10:51
On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, J Matthew Pearson wrote:

> Elliott Lash wrote: > > > Dear anyone with knowledge of German, please help! > > > > Du wir können doch gute Freunde bleiben* > > hat sie zu mir gesagt, darauf hätte ich ihr am Liebsten > > eine Kugel durch den Kopf gejagt!!! > > My German's a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure the meaning is, > roughly: > > "Listen, we can still remain good friends," she said to me. > Thereupon I would have most liked to shoot a bullet through the > head.
Yes, that's how I would say that. And to be more exact: to shoot a bullet through HER head. (That's because of the word 'ihr' which is in dative.)
> The first line is literally, "You, we can still remain good > friends", but I think the extra "you" is intended to get the > person's attention (kind of like "hey" or "listen" in English). > "Jagen" is literally "drive" or "hunt", but since the line speaks > of a bullet going through one's head, I'm sure the intended > meaning is "shoot".
I agree with this.
> I can't tell from context whether the writer means he wants to > shoot a bullet through his own head, or his beloved's head.
Look above.
> Matt.
Tero Vilkesalo PS. I currently use here my old e-mail address with an old surname. If I unsubscribed now and then subscribed again, would I be able of determining my current surname to be displayed?