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Re: OT: YAEPT: English low vowels (was briefly: Re: Y/N variants (< OT: English a...

Date:Friday, December 14, 2007, 5:41
> [] On Behalf Of ROGER MILLS
> A little adjustment for my sets: > 1.These have /O/ [O]: All, awl, ball, bawl, call, caul, > fall, gall, hall, > mall, maul pall, Paul Rawls, tall, trawl, wall, y'all; add
Saul. And
> Raleigh, I think (at least most of the time)-- also walk, > talk (no L of > course), balk , caulk, fault (yes L in those)
"walk" (sounds like "wok") and "caulk" (sounds like "cock") also lose <l> for me. "fault" still has it. All have [A].
> 2. These have /a/ most likely [A] for me: bomb, Bali, collie, > doll, dolly, > folly, golly, holly, jolly, Kali, lolly, Molly, Polly, solly
(dim. of Also, [A].
> vol (as in U.Tenn?)
NO!!! Not another Vol fan!
> Amazing the traffic that YAEPTs generate!!!! but it's
fun......... Well, it was until someone mentioned "Vol".