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OT: 10th anniversary of the founding of Conlang

Monday, July 23, 2001,17:49The Gray Wizard
Monday, July 23, 2001,17:12J Matthew Pearson
Monday, July 23, 2001,16:17Roger Mills
Monday, July 23, 2001,10:33The Gray Wizard
Saturday, July 21, 2001,17:15John Cowan
Saturday, July 21, 2001,13:52Padraic Brown
Saturday, July 21, 2001,12:28Rick Morneau
Saturday, July 21, 2001,2:56John Cowan
Saturday, July 21, 2001,2:02J Matthew Pearson
Saturday, July 21, 2001,1:27Herman Miller
Saturday, July 21, 2001,0:11And Rosta
Friday, July 20, 2001,20:57The Gray Wizard
Friday, July 20, 2001,15:18<dean@...>
Friday, July 20, 2001,14:49dirk elzinga
Friday, July 20, 2001,3:25Matthew Kehrt
Friday, July 20, 2001,2:51Shreyas Sampat
Friday, July 20, 2001,2:28And Rosta
Thursday, July 19, 2001,20:15John Cowan
Thursday, July 19, 2001,19:20Rick Morneau
Thursday, July 19, 2001,2:12John Cowan
Wednesday, July 18, 2001,22:01Tom Tadfor Little
Wednesday, July 18, 2001,18:30John Cowan