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Re: Looking for a simple conlang to learn

From:Nathan Vanderhoofven <ndvander@...>
Date:Friday, June 15, 2001, 21:57
Ok, this looks good.  I like that fact that you are
using it for machine translation, because that is
actually what I had in mind, as a language to interact
with a knowledge system.  I like your noun
classification system, and I like the overall
appearance - it kind of reminds me of Indonesian,
which I really like but am too lazy to learn.

This still has more words than I would like, but 301
isn't bad, and I can ignore the ones I don't need.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

--- Rick Morneau <ram@...> wrote:
> I believe that Katanda meets your conditions. I've > also recently > started preparing self-study lessons and audio (wav) > files for the > drills. I am retired and work on the language > almost daily, adding new > lessons and upgrading the dictionaries. >
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