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Re: TRANS: love is the law

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, February 10, 2000, 10:40 writes:
>There are two different words for love, and two different words for law. >The first love (tal) is the love one has between family and friends. The >second love (anlál) is sexual, intimate (what one finds in a serious >relationship between two people), as well as spiritual love (said to be an >intimate relationship between spirits and humans). For law, the first >(kunggán) refers to social responsibility (same connotation as in >English). The second word for law (réki) refers to spiritual >responsibility, such as duties people, families, villages, etc. must keep >to keep the spirits happy.
I was reading a descritipn on Tagalog and how it handles being without "to be" and I realized, I may have translated it wrong. The reason I say this is because Saalangal follows Tagalog in this resepct (something I thought was cool) So, better translations are: Kunggan yu tal Reki yu tal Kunggan yu anlal Reki yu anlal They still mean the same things as in the other email I sent on this topic. ________________________________________________ It's worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance...