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USAGE: XH etc. (was: RE: RV: Old English)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Friday, March 31, 2000, 2:40
> Carlos Thompson wrote: > > > xh (only one word: xhosa) > > Good heavens, is there a standard Swedish way to pronounce "Xhosa"? I greatly > doubt there is a standard English way to pronounce it? I think most people > just boggle at it. > > OTOH, "Enver Hoxha" was generally pronounced ['Envr='haksa] in these parts.
"Xhosa" = /k@Us@/ and /h@Us@/ on BBC; I myself am unsure how to pronounce it in either English or Xhosa - I've a vague idea it starts with some kind of lateral click, but expect to be enlightened by responses to this message. /'Env@ 'hQdZ@/ pretty universally in Britain; since that clearly isn't a spelling pronunciation, it presumably must bear some resemblance to the Albanian, much as does the English /'Imri NQdZ/ (though other Nagys get called /'nA:gi/). ObConlang: Livagian <nagyimbre> "X is Imre Nagy". (It's in the dictionary, not made up for this message!) --And.