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Re: IPA for "Unfinished /m/"

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Sunday, April 27, 2003, 9:34
Roger Mills ikrí:

> Arthaey Angosii wrote: > > > > I've discovered that in certain environments, the Asha'illen /m/ isn't > > quite an [m]. What happens is that as you're pronouncing the m, your lips > > close in on the final m-position, but they never quite close completely. > > > > So in a sequence like <am>, it's NOT [Am] but something sounding similar > to > > [Au] (or [Ao] or [Aw]). It's also like English "owl" without the <l> and > > without rounding the <w>. It's also like (as my friend insists) says > > "oww!" after getting your lip numbed at the dentist. > > > > How is this described linguistically and IPAly? > > > One possibility: since the lips don't close or round, it could be a > "nasalized bilabial approximant" or possibly fricative. I'm not sure how > either one would be symbolized in schmampa. [v\~]? [B~]???
[w~] looks plausible.
> OR-- since you're hearing an unrounded "o/u" like sound, perhaps you're > talking about a "nasalized velar approximant". I don't have a SAMPA list > handy for that one ("velar approx." exists, I know)...
That's [M\]. It may be it. As far as I understand, the difference is very slight and may imply additional or double articulation... ~~~~~~Yitzik~~~~~~