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Re: TRANS: Vaum far-zelet

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozin@...>
Date:Thursday, January 6, 2000, 0:57
This wasn't as easy as it looked. Well, it has taken me long
enough, but here goes:

1.ewe mume la ge wegu la tila
  neg. wait I (that) detect I sign

2.biwu la ea-nege ia limi
  receive I the-joy (in the time) now

3.Ewe lewe la ea-ula ia ide
  neg. fear I the-evil (in the time) future

4.Ua mara la ea-ita
  And marvel I the-good

1. "tila" means "sign" in the figurative sense. There is another
word that means a sign like you see by the side of the road
(lune), and one that refers to mystical visions (wene), but
_tila_ means a trace, an indication of something. I had to make
this word up for this translation, once I decided that I wanted a
word for this.

2. _ia_ is a general preposition that indicates the previous word
happened during or around the time of the second word. It
frequently comes immediately after the verb, but in this case,
it  emphasizes that the joy is of this moment, not the receiving.
It is also used like that in line 3.

3. There is a word for future, but I used the verb marker for
future tense here, because I had been thinking all along of this
sort of usage, and it looked like a good excuse to do it right

4. _mara_ is a strong word for seeing something and being in
awestruck. I made this word up for the occasion, and I like it
very, very much.


Mia Soderquist ( (Moving soon. I hate