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TRANS: Vaum far-zelet

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 28, 1999, 20:58
Yes, this is YATE (Yet Another Translation Exercise).
Not doing this on purpose, I swear! Fortunately for you,
it's only a four-line poem. My friend, the poetess Gheis
Eiri of Curcansa (the Northern Thaqulm province that fell
under the Ciravesu rule), created it in her head during
the few minutes that it took me to draw a sketch of her
face (which I'll show you later, in my website, together
with many others). Now, Eiri is not really wonderful at
this -- her stuff is philosophy -- but I think she managed
something nice for such a short time...

The poem is not in Draseléq (which Eiri knows, but doesn't
use in everyday life) but in Curco -- though the result is
mostly inteligible for a Classical Draseléq speaker.

Stress on the first syllable, or on the accute accent;
<y> = /y/, <j> = /j/, <r> = alveolar flap. SOV order.


    Vei vaum hentotacai far-zelet
    Fam in vyn saen tin-fazet
    Fasin meiw taras far-tanguew
    Mi reinan usízerin najel        |


SBJ subjunctive? 'should'?
MV  middle voice
FUT future
NEG negation
NEU neutral/neuter pronoun
PSS possessive
RFX reflexive, 'self-'
ACC accusative (almost lost)

1. Vei vaum hentotacai    far-zelet
   SBJ sign show.MV.3sFUT NEG.wait.1s
   'I don't wait for a sign to show'

2. Fam in    vyn       saen tinfazet
   now about 3sNEU.PSS joy
   'I receive the joy of this moment'

3. Fasin  meiw taras far-tanguew
   beyond day  evil  NEG.fear.1s
   'I don't fear evil beyond today'

4. Mi  reinan       usízerin    najel
   and goodness.ACC marvel+with see.1s
   'And I look at goodness with marvel'

--Pablo Flores